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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Mankind has been seeing things that he cannot explain since the dawn of time. But since the end of WWII, the phenomena of UFO sightings have increased dramatically, and seem to be concentrated in certain regions of the United States.

There are different levels of UFO sighting activity in various areas. There are many more in the west than in the east (other than Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, and the Florida panhandle). The most likely states to view (or report, actually) UFO’s are Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, and along the west coast. Surprisingly, UFO reports are least likely in the southeast dispelling the stereotype of rural fishermen sitting in their boats downing Billy Beer and seeing extraterrestrials.

Most reported sightings are in areas away from major cities but there are a few urban areas that have high report rates including Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Phoenix, and San Diego.

It’s not clear whether there are more unidentified aerial events in rural and western areas or whether people there are more disposed to see them.
There are a number of things that justify the higher report rate.

1. Being close to military testing or training sites. The government estimates that one half of all reported UFO sightings in these areas between 1950 and 1970 were either U2 or SR-71 test flights. From 1990 to the present, they believe that most reported were of stealth type military aircraft.

2. Being close to military refueling lanes and special air zones (mostly along the seacoasts).

3. Being in areas where past reported “crash sites” existed like Roswell, NM, and Kecksburg, PA. People simply may be more likely to report what they see.

4. Being in areas that are favorable for viewing satellites and planets such as Venus during the winter months (rural areas).

Regardless of whether sightings can be explained or not, here is where you should go to improve your chances of seeing something that cannot be explained, easily.

The ten STATES with the highest number of filed UFO Reports (in 2000):

New Mexico, 471

Missouri, 469

Colorado, 405

Pennsylvania, 344

Washington, 315

Florida, 259

New Hampshire, 245

Montana, 214

Indiana, 205

North Carolina, 167

(U.S average per state is 124)

The ten COUNTIES with the most filed UFO reports (in 2000):

Saguache Co., Colorado, 284 (1 person in every 35)

Knox Co., Missouri, 94 (1 person in every 103)

Alamosa Co., Colorado, 54 (1 person in every 185)

Wahkiakum Co., Washington, 51 (1 person in every 196)

Lane Co., Kansas, 46 (1 person in every 217)

Duchesne, Utah, 40 (1 person in every 250)

Huerfano, Colorado, 40 (1 person in every 250)

Castilla Co., Colorado, 38 (1 person in every 263)

Mason Co., West Va., 37 (1 person in every 270)

Rio Grande Co., Colorado, 36 (1 person in every 278)

For more information and background, you can “Google” these organizations: The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and The Computer UFO Network (CUFON).

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